Friday, January 11, 2013

Ok, a true and boring tale of a crazy cat guy.

       So, I have discovered I am a crazy cat guy. I only have one cat but sometimes enjoy taking care of other people's pets as well. I have no wish for any other pets than my kitty. I also like to write and read a bit and even though I do not seek out any personal stories of the authors I like I have heard that some folks do. So, ahhh, without further typing jabber, here you go:
       One day I looked outside my kitchen window onto my deck and saw this speedy ball of grey fur. It caught my attention but upon engaging in a search of the deck when I went outside could find nothing amiss. The next two days the same thing happened but I managed to see the glimpse of what I thought was a cat's tail. The fourth day I got smart and set some cat food out. Sure enough it was the tiniest kitten I had ever seen but as soon as I went outside to reload the food she vanished.
       This became a routine for a few days until she popped out from under the deck to roll around a few feet away from me. It was cute, but if I moved too fast she bolted. She established this as her new routine at least once a day. Gradually I would hold out my hand and even though she looked like she wanted to sniff it she was way too scared.
       Then the breakthrough happened. When I was just looking up at the sky I felt a furry face against my hand, as I soon as I moved too much she bolted out of reach then did her roll around dance before hiding under the deck. I then made up my mind she deserved a real roof over her head.
       I soon as I gained her trust I then kitten-napped her the first time she let me pick her up. Upon entering my home for the first time she did not freak out as I expected. I sat down on a recliner and she fell asleep on my chest for two hours while I did a bit of reading. I thought things were great till she woke up and bolted. I could not find her for two days (she was probably hiding in one of my roommates' rooms, I think the everdrunk one but that is a different tale). After those too scary days she popped out and looked a little like a tiny monkey for some reason. I knelt down low, and she walked up to me with kind of a proper air. I said, "You know if you want I can take care of you for the rest of your life?" She then happily meeeeped and winked at me thus getting her name in the process as well.

       Winks is not the first cat seen in this video that seems to amuse cat crazy people but the second one.


  1. My son also adopted a feral kitten that he found. Her name is Bill (my son thought it was a male cat :) and she only interacts with him. She hides if anyone else comes into the house. Is Winks your first cat?

  2. No, I have had varied responsibility on different animals all my life, as a matter of fact this video shows a squirrel that my Mom raised.
    Believe it or not, even though Joey was just that little bit overweight he lived almost twice as long as most grey squirrels. Oh by the way I used to make silly commercials for a film class.

    1. Have you seen these clips on Simon's cat? So cute. Maybe you could produce using your cat? :)

  3. I love her little "meow"! Thank you for rescuing a stray, Yourm. My first cat was rescued from a dumpster behind a church before I got her and she is so lovable! I'm convinced that they know we are giving them a better life than they might've had. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing such a great story! My cat is from the Humane Society so saving a stray is near and dear to my heart. I know it took patience on your part, but I am sure Wink is glad she took you up on your offer!

  5. I could have sworn I commented on this post early on, but I guess not! Being one of the people whose cat you have taken care of, I know just how good you are with cats! And you know just what a chicken my 'scaredy cat' is! She, too, was a stray. Lots of cat lovers out there. How nice! Thanks, Yourm. M