Friday, January 18, 2013

How to charge an Iphone on the go.

I am going to change pace a little for this post. Hopefully, this is more useful than any bits of any stories I am writing, but more bits may be coming as soon as they get slightly more of a polish. Camping is not as fun when your iphone dies and your wind-up charger just does not seem to be effective. Here is a solution for that:
My wish list would be a shockproof waterproof case with that battery / charger but no one has made one yet to my knowledge.

Also to clarify the best way I have found to wind-up charge a dead iphone is:
#1. Use your wind-up usb charger to charge the boost case (on any other extra battery device that goes light on the amps) while it is completely DISCONNECTED from the iphone for at least three minutes.
#2. Connect the case or extra battery to the iphone and wait for it to charge up a bit (again at least a couple minutes).
#3. Use the phone (I like to only use it after getting at least a 10% charge).

A Boost Case

Great Wind-up Flashlight / USB charger
The Eton Clipsray

A few links to purchase these items:

Lastly, I am not a representative or in any sort of cahoots with either of these companies so my results are completely independent. So, please if anyone out there finds better solutions I would love to know them. Thanks. Y.  


  1. Yourm, that was VERY interesting! I had no idea that wind-up chargers even exist! Thank you for sharing that information. I don't have an iphone, but will pass it on to those I know who do use iphones. :) M

  2. I'm surprised as well to see that wind-up charges still exist. In my mind that would work with other phones as well that have a USB.

    1. You are right. I have used this very flashlight with other types of cell phones directly and it works great. It only gets a little strange when dealing with an iphone.