Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why make things so complicated?

Here is the story the guy who had the idea of an almost stop motion picture story but he could not
 get it together before it was due. Scrambling, he was without his computer but had his phone and 
had one or two video apps on it. He did not have time to got home and do a storyboard type story 
with his cat Winks. While waiting for his lunch appointment he was going to tell stories of taking 
care of people's cats but with the pictures he had, that just was not flowing correctly. He felt all out of sorts just like this text alignment.
Then inspiration struck and he liked the simple concept of friendship. So, he spent entirely too 
long going through pictures but kept it simple and in the end it made him smile. After watching 
the video a few times and feeling happy he was thankful for simplicity and simple friendship. 
Here is the video hopefully you may smile as well.
Furry Friends